“Susan, I am very much in support of your initiative.  When I encounter such problematic texts in preaching, I almost invariably make a point of clarifying during the sermon that it's talking about religious leaders or the ouster of Jesus-followers from the synagogue, or the like.


Keep up this campaign -- it is of deep and lasting importance.”

The Most Rev. Dr. Katherine Schori

26th Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church


“Susan Auchincloss calls us to action in an ongoing effort to stop the hate-inducing, anti-Semitic language that infects Christian worship.  As a parish priest, she sees on the ground the damage done and the complacency that permits it.  To revise what is read during such worship would end our passing from generation to generation vile attitudes toward Judaism and Jews.  Such revision also grounds us in the comprehensive nature of God’s love that authentically undergirds Christian worship."

The Very Reverend Dr. James A. Kowalski, Dean

The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine

1047 Amsterdam Avenue

New York, NY 10025


“I just finished reading Susan Auchincloss’s blog which focused on Krystallnacht, November 9, 1938.  First,  in November, 1989, I was part of a five person clergy group from the United States (Roman Catholic, Jewish. Lutheran, Greek Orthodox, and Episcopalian) whose task it was to participate in the 50th Commemoration of the brutal events set off on that night of the broken glass.  Following a trip to the concentration camp at Dachau, we attended a service at the chief synagogue of Frankfort on that day.  The sorrow and the horror recalled were more than my soul could take in.  I was stunned.

“Second, I recall all of the pre-Easter and post Easter readings in church for the past fifty years when I choked on the written words of the Gospels which singled out the Jews for villainous reputation.  I would modify the wordage and instruct other readers to do the same because an ocean of bigotry outweighed a drop of contextual accuracy.  It is 2011 and we still haven’t had the courage and decency to figure out how to handle these passages.

“Good for Susan Auchincloss for raising the issue with passion.  And good for her blog.  I endorse her in her effort.”

William E. Swing

Founder and President of the United Religions Initiative

Retired Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of California


“Susan Auchincloss is making major contributions to educating people about the vital importance of Jewish-Christian Dialogue and Jewish-Christians Relations for both Jewish and Christian people.”

Norman A. Beck, Ph.D.

Poehlmann Professor of Theology and Classical Languages

Texas Lutheran University

–author of Mature Christianity in the 21st Century: The Recognition and Repudiation of the Anti-Jewish Polemic in the New Testament


“Susan Auchincloss is charting a difficult path for Christians.  She is opening up a vital conversation and demonstrating that Christians can advance their own faith without negating the beauty and wisdom of Judaism.  To embark on such a journey brings people face to face with an anguished legacy that is deeply etched into our traditions. Yet disruptive encounters make room for transformational discoveries.”

Dr. Christopher M. Leighton

Executive Director

The Institute for Christian & Jewish Studies

Baltimore, MD


"Hate, bigotry, or even the subtlest discrimination against any group or person still found in prayer or the liturgy is not Christian.  Rev. Susan’s initiative is holy, necessary work. 


"In Eastern Orthodoxy, liturgy and prayers -- especially used during Easter, the most important Christian celebration -- often reflect hate, sending a subtle, if not overt, message to parishioners, especially the young, that it is acceptable to consider the Jewish people enemies or less loved by God.  This is wrong and untrue.     


"The Orthodox liturgy has changed over time.  It is time to change it again. 


"If we are truly Christian, then there is a moral, ethical, and spiritual imperative to re-examine the texts used and edit, remove, or better translate prayers and liturgies currently passing judgment on God’s Jewish children.  Rev. Susan is showing us the leadership to do it."


Bishop Paul Peter Jesep

Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church




"It is my honour to send this message of support for Rev. Susan Auchincloss’ most important initiative. While it is not possible to eliminate those problematic texts that appear in Scripture; it certainly is possible and most necessary to understand them and present them in their historical context, and in keeping with the most noble values of our Faith traditions. 

"Her specific efforts to end centuries of abuse of Christian texts at the expense of the Jewish community, contribute significantly to the flourishing of the rediscovered brotherhood and sisterhood between Jews and Christians that we are privileged to witness and enjoy in our time."


Rabbi David Rosen, CBE, KSG

International Director of Interreligious Affairs, AJC