Action Steps for Laity

  • Talk to your worship leader about the ideas in this web site.  Some people, and you may be one of them, actually cringe when they hear the polemical texts read aloud in worship.  Perhaps your worship leader would want to know this.
  • If your parish is open to it, take advantage of the “Liturgy Alerts,” on this site.  On those occasions when the Revised Common Lectionary appoints a problematic text for Sunday worship, an alternative translation will be suggested. 
  • If your parish prefers not to change the translation, you might go to “Resources” on this site.  There you will find an insert for your Sunday bulletin -- or even for your parish website -- entitled “How We Are addressing Anti-Judaism.”  Your church may use it as is, or modify it as your clergy see fit.
  • Spread the word among Christian friends about this initiative.  Speak up about the stand you have taken on this issue on any social media you use.  Blog about it.
  • Initiate an inter-religious dialogue group in your community.  Go to “On-line Classes.”   You will find a description of “Walking God’s Paths: Christians and Jews in Candid Conversation.”  It can be led by lay people as well as clergy.
  • On the Sunday before a major Jewish holiday, ask your worship leader if you may insert into the Prayers of the People a prayer for God’s blessing on the Jews as they celebrate X.  You can add the specific date(s) and a sentence or two about what the day commemorates.
  • Forward a link to this website to others you know, clergy or lay, who might want to support its mission.
  • Like” this website.