Action Steps for Clergy

  • Make use of the “Liturgy Alerts” on this site.  On those occasions when the Revised Common Lectionary appoints a problematic text for Sunday worship, an alternative translation will be suggested. 
  • If your parish prefers not to change the translation, you might go to “Resources” on this site.  There you will find an insert for your Sunday bulletin -- or even for your parish website -- entitled “How We Are addressing Anti-Judaism.”  You may use it as is, or modify it as you see fit.
  • Spread the word among other faith leaders about this initiative.  Speak up about the stand you have taken on this issue on any social media you use.  Blog about it.
  • Initiate an inter-religious dialogue group in your community.  Go to “On-line Classes.”   You will find a description of “Walking God’s Paths: Christians and Jews in Candid Conversation.”
  • On the Sunday before a major Jewish holiday insert into the Prayers of the People a prayer for God’s blessing on the Jews as they celebrate X.  You can add the specific date(s) and a sentence or two about what the day commemorates.
  • Forward a link to this website to others you know, clergy or lay, who might want to support its mission.
  • Like” this website.