Mission and Vision


To bring Christian worship to an unprejudiced expression of Jesus’ faith.


To affirm the value of differing religious traditions and to honor Christian integrity in the liturgy.

To envision a church where all elements of the liturgy work together to promote the spread of Christ’s love in the world.  In this vision worshipers are supported in honoring and respecting their Jewish neighbors.  They also feel the consonance between the words of their worship and the presence of Christ’s Spirit among them.  In sum, to envision a church that contributes to world peace.


* To defame others is an act of violence: names can hurt!

*  Acts of violence spread, as ripples across water.

* To denigrate Judaism and Jews goes against Jesus’ teaching.

*  To vilify Jews in a sacred setting fuels anti-semitism.

*  Slander strikes a sour note in the midst of worship.

*  To continue the practice makes hypocrites of the churches.